Thank you for your time over the past 6 months, You have made learning about Change Management, fun and thought provoking.  The templates, gentle prodding, and encouraging us to dig deep has really helped me to overcome my fear of change.  You have changed me and my teams perspective for the better.

Tamara Bexley Dance

I approached Grace following a long period of extremely difficult and traumatic times, I’d always been aware that I had an entrepreneurial spirit and an artistic ability, but I had lost almost all hope and confidence as a result of being in a very destructive long term relationship. Grace was my last resort, and just being around her powerful yet loving energy, I quickly reclaimed belief in myself, and that it was possible for me to develop my career as an artist and business woman.
 I highly recommend Grace and I am very grateful to have her coaching expertise available to me.
Founder Tamara Bexley

The Tastery

I found Grace to be the ideal critical friend: she listens attentively and is a great sounding board, but it goes deeper than this, Grace has the ability to see the bigger picture. This is crucial when you are in the middle of a project – for someone to not only guide you on the immediate next steps, but also help you visualise the end goal. I highly recommend Grace as a mentor, coach and critical friend. 
Mareli Pelzer founder of The Tastery

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