Leadership Programme

What if you could enhance the client experience or create a culture of encouragement? What if you could drive more growth, increase income and empower your leaders and their teams? And what if you could improve health and wellbeing in the workplace – bringing genuine happiness and work-life balance back into focus?

Designed as either one-on-one or group sessions, My Rewind Fast Forward programme empowers leaders of all levels to bring their best self to work every day, by developing the mindset needed to be a successful, dynamic, authentic leader in todays diverse, challenging, global environment.

My Approach 

I’ll come to deeply understand your business – getting under the skin of your organisation. I’ll then diagnose and identify what’s working for you (and what isn’t). I will home in on the problems, bottlenecks, challenges and obstacles that stand in the way of your leaders and teams. 

Alongside you I’ll co-create, designing a bespoke programme that’s tailored to your needs – including a proposal of change and detailed action plan which I’ll closely monitor throughout. 


Employee passion, purpose and vision will be sparked, and by end of the programme, new habits will have formed– leading to more POSITIVE mindsets, COMPASSIONATE leaders, motivated co-workers and PRODUCTIVE teams. 

Programme Delivery

Rewind Fast Forward is fast-paced and results-focused (a signature style of all my programmes). Results emerge quickly and change gains traction early on. Expect ‘Eureka’ moments and an ‘eye-opening’ experience 

Programme Outline

  • Striving or Surviving? – Otherwise known as ‘The Stress Test’, we kick off with analysing whether all that hard work is pushing your business forward, or simply pushing your leadership to the brink of burn-out.
  • Leadership DNA – With an understanding of how healthy your operations are, I’ll move onto unpicking and redefining the leadership styles of your teams.
  • Know Thyself – This session is all about honesty, getting to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your leaders.
  • Leader or Boss? – The difference between the two is vast. I’ll help your leaders connect, nurture and influence their teams to get the very best from them.
  • Moving into the Mindset of a Great Leader – In our penultimate sessions, I’ll drill down into the differences between a capable leader and a great leader (and provide tangible steps for ensuring your leaders are the latter).
  • Empower and Lead your Team – As we draw to a close, I will equip your leaders with the tools and new habits needed to nurture leadership in others, creating a cycle of growth driven by your entire workforce.