Why Me

Grace Erin Reid

Work with me
because your life is my business

For over a decade, I’ve been in the business of transforming lives and businesses one conversation at a time.  I ask different questions, difficult questions, I challenge the status quo and I never stop asking What if?

I have led, I have coached, I have extensive cross-industry, cross-market experience.

I have a history of developing leaders, empowering executives, and businesses to make the change, be the change, model the change.

Yet beyond all of this, there’s something that’s of far more importance.

I coach and speak from a place of experience because I have lived it. I have breathed it.

I have worked with the bully, been undermined by my boss. I have had inspirational and nurturing leaders.

I’ve managed the challenging team member. And I’ve faced the continual pressure to deliver on 6 figure targets in a competitive sales environment. 

I have failed – crashed and burned. Then – right at the edge – I pulled myself back from the brink.

But I want to be clear – I wouldn’t change a single thing.

These experiences have moulded and shaped me – underpinning and influencing the ways I can and do help others.

Grace Erin Reid – Trustee, Coach and Change Management Consultant Specialising in Diversity & Inclusion

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Grace Erin Reid Diversity and Inclusion