From 2008 to 2017, I lived in what I describe as a broken record cycle with work. Year one in a new job always amazing, year two obsession and anxiety would take over and the cracks would appear…soon after my focus would be lost, I would crash and burn, lose direction and a hold of my emotions, even though I felt I was doing everything I needed to do to succeed.

My biggest challenge was looking at myself in the mirror.  One day after a mega burnout and accepting that I need to shake something up, because everything I believed to be the right approach was maybe a little off and that in order to succeed, I needed to open books I had left closed for a long time. I toyed with the idea of a shaman, straight counselling, a spiritual guide, a career coach…I wasn’t sure what direction I needed, I just knew I needed some.

It was time and research that lead me to Grace, and from the moment I met her I knew it was the right direction. She was assertive and direct, but kind. Knowledgeable but not arrogant and she made each session feel personal and non-judgemental.

Over the years I had done the counselling and read the books, so my biggest concerns were if this could really make any difference to the years of living with my broken record playing. Little did I know it would make a huge difference.

Grace helped me not only untangle my web and achieve the promotion and praise I had worked for so badly, but she opened my eyes to my true potential and the fears that had been holding me back from achieving my dreams. I wasn’t a failure, I had just been getting a little caught up and lost in my own ambitions and fears.

As a result, soon after my promotion I decided to leave my career in advertising and PR and fulfil a dream I had always imagined but never thought possible – starting my own business in health and wellbeing. Six months after working with Grace I set up Dani B Training and moved to Bristol.

The work I did with Grace didn’t just start and end when we parted ways, but the skills and tools that she taught me have stayed with me ever since. A few months in, I have a booming client base, a work life balance I could never have dreamed of and a new sense of myself.

Had I not met Grace, I 100% wouldn’t be where I am today, running my own business and tackling the stresses that come with it without burning out or having a meltdown in the toilets.

To anyone feeling a bit lost or feeling like they are living in a repeat cycle at work with the same feedback and “things to work on”, Grace is a natural at helping both individuals and companies unlock their true potential. She is also hilarious and down to earth.

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