Professional and Personal

What if you could find your true purpose, be more confident – more assertive – with more self-belief? What if you had the tools and the time to be a better parent, a better partner? What if you could open your heart to love? What if you dared to dream or overcame your most debilitating fear? 

You may be stressed out and on the brink of burnout; you might be a parent who’s lost in a world of endless nappy changes and packed lunches; or you could be a lonely entrepreneur, an unfulfilled creative or an ambitious business owner with drive but a lack of strategy.

Meet the future you – who can and will be all of these things.

My Future You Programme will transform your life by turning your ‘What Ifs’ into When and How. You’ll leave the programme feeling empowered, focused and brave. In every sense, you’ll be set and ready for life’s many challenges.

My Approach.  

The programme comprises of 5 one-to-one sessions, with action plans designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery by helping you to find your true purpose and tapping into your inner maverick.

Individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners – I can move you from lost and disillusioned, to happy and fulfilled. I can stoke your creativity, and help you rediscover your passion (and yourself). 

I’ll closely monitor your progress throughout the programme as you achieve your goals and move past every milestone.


A happier, healthier, more focussed you with more time to be a better friend, lover, parent, entrepreneur, leader with a reignited passion for life and success.

A more productive, more profitable business – spearheaded by a wholly more determined, confident new you.

Programme Outline

Let’s bring this back to you. And let’s start with some key questions: 

“Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “What do I want to achieve?”

During this session we’ll look to the past to reimagine your future – we’ll identify your personal values and study your belief systems. From this deep understanding of you and your mindset, we’ll get to understand how to move forward.

Creativity; This session focuses on channelling your inner maverick – passing you permission to dream, find your purpose, redefine your vision and reignite your passion for life.

Recalibrate; Reviewing your emotional load, building resilience so you can recognise, understand and manage pressure and stress, leading to a more balanced, happier life.

Courage; Working on your confidence and belief systems, this session kicks self-doubt to the kerb, and develops new habits that will help you to face your fears, and step into your power. 

Blueprint; Understanding what success would look like for you is central to this session, in which we’ll create a bespoke toolkit and blueprint for happiness and success – ensuring that you stay on track.