Stressiety the unwelcome guest in our homes, whilst sitting at our table, eating our food, wine/ craft beer/prosecco. The carousing neighbour that robs us of our sleep, invading our thoughts and actions – the unexpected consequence of COVID-19 As we all dig deep into our emotional reserves to try and find a way to navigateContinue reading “Stressiety”

Staying Calm & Connected During COVID-19

In a world where politics, religion and war has polarised nations, broken friendships and destroyed families, we now find ourselves united in our anxiety, fear and in some cases grief, as we face a global health crisis that cares not for our wealth, position in society or political persuasion, but has the potential to impactContinue reading “Staying Calm & Connected During COVID-19”

Permission To Procrastinate

They say that Procrastination Is the thief of time, (Edward Young – it is also a sign of stress and anxiety. Often when we procrastinate, we avoid doing the thing that we most dread by engaging in random activities.  For instance, when I had to write my business plan, I started watching Dog Whisperer.  EveryContinue reading “Permission To Procrastinate”