Staying Calm & Connected During COVID-19

In a world where politics, religion and war has polarised nations, broken friendships and destroyed families, we now find ourselves united in our anxiety, fear and in some cases grief, as we face a global health crisis that cares not for our wealth, position in society or political persuasion, but has the potential to impact all of us.

As many of us are contemplating a life of quarantine and self-isolation; (and I find that I am selfishly teetering on the edge of bemoaning the impact that COVID-19 might have on my life), I am reminded that since 2011, over 4.8 million children have been born into war, and in 2019 the UN reported that 70.8 million people worldwide, have been displaced due to poverty, persecution and conflict – and I am humbled.

Which is why I am grateful for the fact that we have access to the information needed, (albeit piecemeal), to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe during this epidemic.  I am grateful for our amazing NHS and for the fact that I have good friends and family who are supporting each other through this turbulent period.

In times of crisis it can be difficult to maintain a sense of calm, however, never has it been so important to find strategies that help you to stay calm in the face of adversity.  It can be something as simple as:

  • A short meditation in the morning/evening (Smiling Mind is a non-profit meditation app) 
  • Creating a play list 
  • Keeping a journal/ gratitude list 
  • Starting a video diary 
  • Creating a bucket list of all things that you intend to do once the virus has been contained 
  • Don’t bottle it up, talk to a friend or a loved one about your anxieties and fears 
  • Remember that you cannot control everything

Whilst we are in the midst of this epidemic, loneliness and cabin fever are inevitable, I know that we will get through this and in the meantime, if I can’t go out and socialise as much as I would like to, I certainly intend to make the most of ‘social distancing’.  Here are a few ideas to help you to weather the storm:

  • Setup a virtual coffee/wine/craft beer date with friends 
  • join an online exercise streaming service 
  • Arrange a virtual after works drinks 
  • Check in with friends and family on a regular basis (facetime, zoom, skype) 
  • Declutter your home 
  • Update your CV 
  • Re-vamp your social media profiles 
  • Do all those jobs that you have been putting off 
  • Use this time to research your next career move 
  • Carry out research on turning your side-hustle into a full- time business 
  • Take up an online course 
  • Write that blog  
  • Start a virtual film/book club 
  • Sign up for Age UK’s telephone befriending service

In the meantime, be kind, stay safe and healthy

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Grace Erin Reid Diversity and Inclusion

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